Tuesday, October 18, 2011

People to People

Would you send your 15 year old on a 20 day trip through France, Italy, and Spain?  Would you let them go without you or your husband?  Yes because it is a wonderful experience or No because it is to much to even think about.

Well I am sending mine, that is if he gets in.  It is through a program called People to People, an awesome program that I wish I had known about when I was a kid.  So what is it about you ask.

First it is a once in a life time trip to France, Italy and Spain.  A trip with 40 other students that are just as excited and nervous as you are.  You will learn to Flamingo Dance in Spain, to make Paella with locals, go to high school in France and walk the Red Carpet at the Canne film festival, see the Duomo in Italy and tour the Colosseum in Rome.  A trip that you will never forget, a trip that I would take in heart beat.  A trip where you will make memories that last a life time.  A life changing trip, which could alter your life forever.

Am I nervous about sending my son?  Yes very much so although you have to live life to experience it.  I would love to keep him small and protected, although that is not my job.  My job as a parent is to enrich his life and give him all the things he needs to become a productive, well adjusted adult.  I don't know if this trip will do those things, although I believe it will.  I believe some day he will look back and say, "Mom, that was one of the best things you could have done for me."

Now the hard part.  Raising the money to go on the trip.