Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Day of School

Yesterday was Jared's first day of school and he is in 7th grade. I can not believe he is in 7th grade it sounds so grown-up and old, I don't feel old and I really don't feel like I should have a child going into the 7th grade.

So the school has all the 7th grades, plus the new kids starting in 8th and 9th grade go to school before the rest of the school starts, as an orientation. I was hoping to learn more about what his classes would be like and what his day is like. I keep telling him it is not going to be all fun and games, especial after all the homework he had over the summer.

The homework he had was not the easiest homework in the world. He had to read the Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury, write 10 things about his life and then turn 3 of them into short stories, and learn about how his family came to this area. I was hoping with homework like that that the school would challenge him in ways that the other school did not.

Now I know it was the first day and maybe they just wanted the kids to learn about the school and have a little fun. Okay I can understand that. So here is what I have learned so far about the school.

He can wear hats
they serve pizza for lunch and it is only $.75 a slice, what a deal! so he got 2 pieces yesterday
there is a Senior lounge that he can not wait to try out
When he has free time he can play his Sax in the music room
and the vending machines have actual food in them, so he can buy a cheeseburger and then heat it up in the microwave, which is located in the Radio Active Cafe.

I am still so happy the he is going to the school and very proud of him. I do not think at his age I would have left all of my friends to pursue my dreams.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Academics, whats that

Jared went for his shadow day last Thursday. He was very excited to get into PVPA and I wanted to check the school out to make sure it was something he really wanted to do. We set up a time for him to go and spend the whole school day there.

On the way over I asked him " How will I know if you liked the school or not"

He told me " If I come out and I am not talking about it then I probably hated it and do not want to go there."

Fair enough for me, although I did tell him he would have to tell me something more then just not talking.

I was very sad when I dropped him, realizing that he is not longer my baby. He is growing up and I need to let go a little more each day.

The school day is longer at PVPA so after sitting around all day trying to find people I could call to take my mind off of his day, I went and picked him up. He came out and the first thing he said was "I love it here and I want to go here" Great I am thinking, the school work was not to hard and the homework was not to overwhelming. So I asked "How was your day?" and for the next half hour I learned all about the fun things.

He talked about being able to eat where ever because they don't have a cafeteria, they got longer recess because it was one of the first nice days here, he got to watch You Tube, while the kid he was shadowing wrote a 19 paragraph essay.

What, what was that a 19 paragraph essay, I was like "Wait, wait a minute I want to hear more about that. You mean they actually have homework."

Jared said "Yes, he got 3 pages of math homework and he had to finish the essay because it was do Friday."

I am totally amazed that he still wants to go to this school. He has had very little homework this year and he is getting excellent grades. I guess the drive to be a famous Rock Star totally out weighs any home work he might get over the next 6 years.

He got to sit in on Garage Band practice, for Fridays open mick session, and that was it. He is totally hooked and I can not wait for next year to start.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lost Tooth

Jordan finally lost her first tooth. She has been waiting for this moment for so long I think she never thought it would come. Her tooth has been lose for a while and she kept playing with it hoping she could make it magically fall out faster then it was ready.

I am not a tooth person and never is Jeff so I never wanted her playing with it. I just thought she should let it be and when it was ready to fall out it would. Well patience is not something she has, since she is one of the last kids in her class to lose a tooth.

So while walking in the mall yesterday, looking for furniture, which was total torture for her. She started wiggling it. All of a sudden she is jumping up and down yelling at me like the mall is on fire and we need to get out. I look at her and her whole mouth is bleeding. My first reaction was, what did your brother do to you know. Then I looked down and she had the smallest tooth I had ever seen, in her little hand.

I wonder what the tooth fairy left her. Being her first tooth and all.

She is no longer my baby and it is a little sad to see her growing up so fast. Sometimes I just wish I could freeze time and keep her little.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My budding artist

Devon started taking art lessons for about 2 years. I think his work is wonderful and love to look at the things he draws. He told me he wanted to be an author and and illistrator so I felt the need to support that. I am also bias because I am his mother.

This first piece is a pear that he drew using chalk, which at this time is his favorite element to work with.

This second one is a fish that he drew using colored pencils. It totally amazes me that he can draw this well because I do not have that talent, he gets it from my mother. She is always telling me how easy it is to look at something and just draw it. For her and Devon it is, for me it is not.

Last year his art teacher put on an art show and Devon sold his first piece, which was a fruit bowl for $50.00. This year they had another show. Devon piece is selling for $65.00. I am not sure if he will sell it or not, I am just grateful that he is getting to show his work.
Looking at his picture this year I can see the maturitey and the talent has grown over the past year. He is more detailed and his drawing is more defined this year.

My hope is that he will continue with his art lessons until he is in high school. I do not know if his art teacher will still be teaching at that time, my only hope is that he is. Devon had learned so much from both Mr. Blanton and David and I can never thank them enough. Devon has many issues with anxiety and going to art really helps him. It relaxes him and he is a totally different child after leaving his lessons.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tired of the snow

I know that the snow is beautiful and every year I say "This year I am going to go back to snowboarding and the kids are going to come with me as well." That never happens and then we get to February and I am so sick of snow and not seeing the warm, hot sun I just can not stand it. I know I live in New England, you would think I would be used to the snow by now.

Every year I start to get depressed at this time and it usually lasts for the better part of 2 months. The past 2 years we have been planning a moms vacation, which has taken away the depression. Knowing that I would be leaving all this to go someplace warm and sunny was fabulous. I knew I would not have to worry about anything. Although the planning and making sure the kids were never forgotten was a lot of work it was all well worth it.

This year unfortunately I do not think we will be going on vacation. Some of the moms have major events happening their lives and they can not make it this year. Alice and I are trying to recruit other moms for this event, but sadly nothing is working so far.

So I will sit here in my sweat pants and sweat shirt dreaming of warm sunny beaches, with dolphins swimming out my window, while I drink my morning coffee.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Swim Championships

Last weekend we had swim championships. It was a very long and tiring weekend and we had a BLAST. First the 9 10 boys relay shaved CHA, into their heads, CHA stands for Chicopee Amberjacks. They had so much fun doing it and they all had a great weekend of swimming.

First Jordan swam with the 8 and under group. She had fun, although she got DQed during her IM. She did not touch with 2 hands on her breast stroke. I told her this and she started crying telling me she could not swim anymore. So I lied to her. I told her I had made a mistake and it was an old one. She did not believe me at first so I just kept telling her it was and finally after 20 minutes of crying she stopped.

Next she swam her breast stroke event and she took first place in her heat. She got a ribbon and everything and was so very excited it made of for the DQ earlier.

In the afternoon the 9 and 10 year olds swam. This was much more interesting then the 8 and under group. It is amazing how much you can learn if you just sit back and listen. These kids know so much and are so funny because of all the boyfriend, girlfriend problems, AT 9 and 10 HOW CRAZY. After listening to the drama all meet I finally talked to the boys. I was like, who cares about the girls, you are way to young for that sort of thing. So we made a deal. If the boys bet the girls time then they would show the girls that they can still kick butt. If the girls won then the boys would wear HOT PINK to the swim banquet.

The girls were seated with a 2:33.95 and the boys were seated with a 2:37.82. So the girls swim and they ended up getting a 2:33.86. Then the boys started and can I tell you there were 4 of us and we looked like a bunch of idiots screaming on the side lines. Well we pushed the boys so much that they ended up getting a 2:33.56. They were so excited that all the girl drama was forgotten.

On Sunday Jared had to swim with the 11 and 12 year old. He had a great meet for him. He took 5 seconds off both his IM and his Breast Stroke. These kids are so easy to watch and I just love listening to them as well. They have gotten over most of the drama that the younger ones are going through and just like talking with each other.

All and All it was a great weekend. I love this sport and I am so glad that my children love it as well.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Worst Mom Ever

I guess yesterday I won that award. I wanted the boys to get their hair cut. As you can see they have lovely long hair. The thing is they never put anything in it and with swim season coming to an end most of their hair was dry and had dead ends.

So Devon goes first and he gets it cut a little shorter then he would like. He is not very upset, and he seems to be okay with it.

Jared's turn and I go tell the hair dresser to just TRIM IT. Take maybe an inch off, no more then that. I guess she had cotton in her ears because as she started cutting it my heart started to break. She took about 2 1/2 inches off and he totally lost his skater flip. As I am watching through the window I can see Jared getting more and more pissed and each piece falls to the ground.

He comes out and starts crying. As we walk out he proceeds to tell he how much he hates me and how he never wants to get his hair cut again.

Now we are sitting in the car and he will not buckle up and he is crying as I am trying to talk to him. I think the rational part of his brain left with all the hair that was cut. I think she actual cut away his reasoning and understanding. We sat in the car for 1/2 an hour until Jeff came to get him. He did not want to be near me and not matter what I said he did not care. "I DON' CARE and GOOD, I WILL NEVER CUT MY HAIR AGAIN." We screamed at me about every 1 minute or so.

All I could say was I am sorry and it is okay if you hate me you are allowed.

I guess this is mostly my fault because I have always taught my children to speak their mind and that it is okay to be angry with my. So I have learned my lesson "Never make you kids get a hair cut, It is only hair"

Today was a much better day and although he still hates his hair cut he did tell Jeff "I guess it is not that bad, MAYBE I OVER REACTED" You think. Keep in mind he did not tell me this and this morning after he combed it he hated it again.

Devon on the other hand was okay with his hair cut, until the kids at school told him he should not have cut it.

So now if the boys have hair down to their asses I will NOT CARE.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Preteens You gotta love them

I have to say I always thought things would get easier as they got older. I know people have told me that it is not that it gets easier, they just get bigger with bigger problems. I thought that I would be a great parent as they got older because I was young and I liked the same things they do. I like the same music and playing the same games. I love talking to them and treating them older.

Well I guess I was wrong. Not totally because we do have lots of fun, I just hate this preteen thing. I do not like the fact that Jared cares about nothing. That he is lazy and difficult. I want to give him more responsibility and be able to trust that he is doing the right thing. Yet he still acts like he is 2 and he can never do anything for himself. He would rather starve then try to get food, he could rather go cold then get up and get a blanket. I am not sure were I have gone wrong at this point and I am ready to pull his hair out.

So now what do I do. I am trying a new leaf and I am just letting him fall. It is very hard for me to do this because I want my children to succeed, I just can't be the one doing everything. Right now he does not like me and does not understand. I am hoping that as he gets older he will understand.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Cold, I hate the cold

It is very cold here today. The low this morning was -16 and it is going to be just as cold tonight. I know that it is cold because I can not sleep with the heat on and last night I turned it down to 55 and the heat still kicked on.

I keep dreaming of warm beaches and wonderful sun. I love New England, I just think I might need a change. We usually take a moms trip in March and now I am think that March is to far away. All this cold weather makes me just want to stay in bed and do nothing. I even hate having to bring the kids to school and I usually like it when they are in school.

So I will continue to dream of warm beaches and maybe I will even try to book a trip. I think it is time to get away.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Death and how amazing children deal with things

One of Devon's friend lost his father on Friday. This is a very sad thing and also a very confusing one. After talking about it I realized that children need to know the truth about things even if the truth is going to hurt.

This father died because he was taking drugs and it finally took his life. While he was a live my children never knew any of the horrible things he did. I did not feel that they needed to hear about these things and I did not want to have to deal with them. Now that he has passed away I needed to explain to my children why and how this could happen. I did not want them to fear that I was going to die tomorrow or that their father was going to die soon.

They need to understand that it was the choose he made that caused him to die. We talked about drugs and addiction. It amazed me that they could relate to things that they had seen or heard about. Devon said "like the guys from Hoosiers that drinks all the time and then stops and then gets sick"

I was truly grateful that he understood and that he got it. Jared understood things as well which made it a little easier. Jordan only knows that he is gone, but she does not fully understand how.

So again my children have amazed me and made me realize that being honest and open with them is the best policy possible, for me.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Kids, wonderful kids

So Jared is starting to act more and more like a teenager. I thought that I would get this age and things would be easy. Now I am finding that it is more frustrating then I thought. I do believe part of that is because he is so much like me it is scary. I try to tell him time and again that if he would just listen he might not get into so much trouble.

I think he just likes the trouble so that when he is older he can blame things on me. He is starting to talk back and he always has to have the last word. That might be okay except, I am the mother and the same way so I NEED TO have the LAST word. I do not think he understands that yet. Although yesterday he tried to be a smart ass and when I told him to go to his room he went straight away. I thought it was because he realized I had had enough. I was wrong.

When I went to talk to him he was almost laughing at me saying "yeah, I know I was being a smart ass." What do you say to that. Yes you were and please don't do it again.

Anyway, today is his interview with PVPA. I truly hope that he gets into the school. I think it would be a wonderful experience for him.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all! I can not believe that 2008 is over and we are in 2009. 2008 went so fast I think I blinked and it was gone. My children are growing so fast!

Jared is already almost done his first year of middle school. He graduates high school in less years then he has been alive. That still boggles my mind because it seems like yesterday he was just starting kindergarten.

Devon will be 10 this year. Double digits for him. He is becoming such a wonderful little man and he is so caring. I can not believe that he will be 10 and starting 5th grade soon. Before I know it he will be headed off to the middle school.

Jordan is still only in 1st grade yet we found out she graduates high school in 2020. I think there are some things that should not be said. Like my baby will be graduating high school in 2020. I can not even fathom that at this moment, yet I know it will be here before I know it.

So for 2009 I am going to enjoy my children. I am going to do many fun things with them and be kids as much as we can. I want to treasure these moments and bottle them up for all eternity.

I hope you all have a happy and safe 2009.