Friday, April 3, 2009

Academics, whats that

Jared went for his shadow day last Thursday. He was very excited to get into PVPA and I wanted to check the school out to make sure it was something he really wanted to do. We set up a time for him to go and spend the whole school day there.

On the way over I asked him " How will I know if you liked the school or not"

He told me " If I come out and I am not talking about it then I probably hated it and do not want to go there."

Fair enough for me, although I did tell him he would have to tell me something more then just not talking.

I was very sad when I dropped him, realizing that he is not longer my baby. He is growing up and I need to let go a little more each day.

The school day is longer at PVPA so after sitting around all day trying to find people I could call to take my mind off of his day, I went and picked him up. He came out and the first thing he said was "I love it here and I want to go here" Great I am thinking, the school work was not to hard and the homework was not to overwhelming. So I asked "How was your day?" and for the next half hour I learned all about the fun things.

He talked about being able to eat where ever because they don't have a cafeteria, they got longer recess because it was one of the first nice days here, he got to watch You Tube, while the kid he was shadowing wrote a 19 paragraph essay.

What, what was that a 19 paragraph essay, I was like "Wait, wait a minute I want to hear more about that. You mean they actually have homework."

Jared said "Yes, he got 3 pages of math homework and he had to finish the essay because it was do Friday."

I am totally amazed that he still wants to go to this school. He has had very little homework this year and he is getting excellent grades. I guess the drive to be a famous Rock Star totally out weighs any home work he might get over the next 6 years.

He got to sit in on Garage Band practice, for Fridays open mick session, and that was it. He is totally hooked and I can not wait for next year to start.

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