Monday, January 12, 2009

Kids, wonderful kids

So Jared is starting to act more and more like a teenager. I thought that I would get this age and things would be easy. Now I am finding that it is more frustrating then I thought. I do believe part of that is because he is so much like me it is scary. I try to tell him time and again that if he would just listen he might not get into so much trouble.

I think he just likes the trouble so that when he is older he can blame things on me. He is starting to talk back and he always has to have the last word. That might be okay except, I am the mother and the same way so I NEED TO have the LAST word. I do not think he understands that yet. Although yesterday he tried to be a smart ass and when I told him to go to his room he went straight away. I thought it was because he realized I had had enough. I was wrong.

When I went to talk to him he was almost laughing at me saying "yeah, I know I was being a smart ass." What do you say to that. Yes you were and please don't do it again.

Anyway, today is his interview with PVPA. I truly hope that he gets into the school. I think it would be a wonderful experience for him.

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