Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Preteens You gotta love them

I have to say I always thought things would get easier as they got older. I know people have told me that it is not that it gets easier, they just get bigger with bigger problems. I thought that I would be a great parent as they got older because I was young and I liked the same things they do. I like the same music and playing the same games. I love talking to them and treating them older.

Well I guess I was wrong. Not totally because we do have lots of fun, I just hate this preteen thing. I do not like the fact that Jared cares about nothing. That he is lazy and difficult. I want to give him more responsibility and be able to trust that he is doing the right thing. Yet he still acts like he is 2 and he can never do anything for himself. He would rather starve then try to get food, he could rather go cold then get up and get a blanket. I am not sure were I have gone wrong at this point and I am ready to pull his hair out.

So now what do I do. I am trying a new leaf and I am just letting him fall. It is very hard for me to do this because I want my children to succeed, I just can't be the one doing everything. Right now he does not like me and does not understand. I am hoping that as he gets older he will understand.

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