Friday, January 30, 2009

Swim Championships

Last weekend we had swim championships. It was a very long and tiring weekend and we had a BLAST. First the 9 10 boys relay shaved CHA, into their heads, CHA stands for Chicopee Amberjacks. They had so much fun doing it and they all had a great weekend of swimming.

First Jordan swam with the 8 and under group. She had fun, although she got DQed during her IM. She did not touch with 2 hands on her breast stroke. I told her this and she started crying telling me she could not swim anymore. So I lied to her. I told her I had made a mistake and it was an old one. She did not believe me at first so I just kept telling her it was and finally after 20 minutes of crying she stopped.

Next she swam her breast stroke event and she took first place in her heat. She got a ribbon and everything and was so very excited it made of for the DQ earlier.

In the afternoon the 9 and 10 year olds swam. This was much more interesting then the 8 and under group. It is amazing how much you can learn if you just sit back and listen. These kids know so much and are so funny because of all the boyfriend, girlfriend problems, AT 9 and 10 HOW CRAZY. After listening to the drama all meet I finally talked to the boys. I was like, who cares about the girls, you are way to young for that sort of thing. So we made a deal. If the boys bet the girls time then they would show the girls that they can still kick butt. If the girls won then the boys would wear HOT PINK to the swim banquet.

The girls were seated with a 2:33.95 and the boys were seated with a 2:37.82. So the girls swim and they ended up getting a 2:33.86. Then the boys started and can I tell you there were 4 of us and we looked like a bunch of idiots screaming on the side lines. Well we pushed the boys so much that they ended up getting a 2:33.56. They were so excited that all the girl drama was forgotten.

On Sunday Jared had to swim with the 11 and 12 year old. He had a great meet for him. He took 5 seconds off both his IM and his Breast Stroke. These kids are so easy to watch and I just love listening to them as well. They have gotten over most of the drama that the younger ones are going through and just like talking with each other.

All and All it was a great weekend. I love this sport and I am so glad that my children love it as well.

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