Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Death and how amazing children deal with things

One of Devon's friend lost his father on Friday. This is a very sad thing and also a very confusing one. After talking about it I realized that children need to know the truth about things even if the truth is going to hurt.

This father died because he was taking drugs and it finally took his life. While he was a live my children never knew any of the horrible things he did. I did not feel that they needed to hear about these things and I did not want to have to deal with them. Now that he has passed away I needed to explain to my children why and how this could happen. I did not want them to fear that I was going to die tomorrow or that their father was going to die soon.

They need to understand that it was the choose he made that caused him to die. We talked about drugs and addiction. It amazed me that they could relate to things that they had seen or heard about. Devon said "like the guys from Hoosiers that drinks all the time and then stops and then gets sick"

I was truly grateful that he understood and that he got it. Jared understood things as well which made it a little easier. Jordan only knows that he is gone, but she does not fully understand how.

So again my children have amazed me and made me realize that being honest and open with them is the best policy possible, for me.

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