Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Worst Mom Ever

I guess yesterday I won that award. I wanted the boys to get their hair cut. As you can see they have lovely long hair. The thing is they never put anything in it and with swim season coming to an end most of their hair was dry and had dead ends.

So Devon goes first and he gets it cut a little shorter then he would like. He is not very upset, and he seems to be okay with it.

Jared's turn and I go tell the hair dresser to just TRIM IT. Take maybe an inch off, no more then that. I guess she had cotton in her ears because as she started cutting it my heart started to break. She took about 2 1/2 inches off and he totally lost his skater flip. As I am watching through the window I can see Jared getting more and more pissed and each piece falls to the ground.

He comes out and starts crying. As we walk out he proceeds to tell he how much he hates me and how he never wants to get his hair cut again.

Now we are sitting in the car and he will not buckle up and he is crying as I am trying to talk to him. I think the rational part of his brain left with all the hair that was cut. I think she actual cut away his reasoning and understanding. We sat in the car for 1/2 an hour until Jeff came to get him. He did not want to be near me and not matter what I said he did not care. "I DON' CARE and GOOD, I WILL NEVER CUT MY HAIR AGAIN." We screamed at me about every 1 minute or so.

All I could say was I am sorry and it is okay if you hate me you are allowed.

I guess this is mostly my fault because I have always taught my children to speak their mind and that it is okay to be angry with my. So I have learned my lesson "Never make you kids get a hair cut, It is only hair"

Today was a much better day and although he still hates his hair cut he did tell Jeff "I guess it is not that bad, MAYBE I OVER REACTED" You think. Keep in mind he did not tell me this and this morning after he combed it he hated it again.

Devon on the other hand was okay with his hair cut, until the kids at school told him he should not have cut it.

So now if the boys have hair down to their asses I will NOT CARE.

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