Thursday, February 5, 2009

My budding artist

Devon started taking art lessons for about 2 years. I think his work is wonderful and love to look at the things he draws. He told me he wanted to be an author and and illistrator so I felt the need to support that. I am also bias because I am his mother.

This first piece is a pear that he drew using chalk, which at this time is his favorite element to work with.

This second one is a fish that he drew using colored pencils. It totally amazes me that he can draw this well because I do not have that talent, he gets it from my mother. She is always telling me how easy it is to look at something and just draw it. For her and Devon it is, for me it is not.

Last year his art teacher put on an art show and Devon sold his first piece, which was a fruit bowl for $50.00. This year they had another show. Devon piece is selling for $65.00. I am not sure if he will sell it or not, I am just grateful that he is getting to show his work.
Looking at his picture this year I can see the maturitey and the talent has grown over the past year. He is more detailed and his drawing is more defined this year.

My hope is that he will continue with his art lessons until he is in high school. I do not know if his art teacher will still be teaching at that time, my only hope is that he is. Devon had learned so much from both Mr. Blanton and David and I can never thank them enough. Devon has many issues with anxiety and going to art really helps him. It relaxes him and he is a totally different child after leaving his lessons.

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