Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Twilight Saga

I started reading this book mainly because I love to read and wanted something different.

Well let me tell you I LOVED these books. I read all 4 of them within 1 week and thought that they were great. I loved the characters and what she does with vampires. She takes some of the myths we think of and changes them.

I understand that these books were written for teens and when my Brother-in-law found out I was reading them he was like, "So you don't really need to think when you read them" he likes to read books were you need a dictionary just so you can get through them. I like to read for the enjoyment of reading.

So if you get the chance and you are looking for something fun and different to read try the TWILIGHT SAGA by STEPHENIE MEYER.

On a sad note about these books. Stephenie was going to right a book from Edward's perspective and sadly she is not. As least not right now. Some how the rough draft of the book ended up on the Internet and people were able to read it in its unfinished version. This makes me very angry because not only did they take away her rights as an author, they also took away our rights as a reader.

Now instead of getting another great book from her and seeing it from another point of view, we now have to wait. Sure I can read it over the Internet if I want, she even has it on her own website. I read the first 2 pages from her website and had to stop. The book sounds like it will be amazing and I am hoping someday she will be able to finish it.

So I want to thank Stephenie Meyer for a great series. I can not wait to see what else you write.

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