Friday, April 15, 2011

Another First

Last Friday night Jordan had her first sleep over at someone else’s house since she first got sick. She has been asking and was very cute about it this time. She called me on Tuesday and said “Mom, Sarah and I were talking and since her mom is a nurse can I sleep over. If I have a seizure she will know what to do and then she can call you.” When her friend’s mom got on the phone she was like “I am glad they have so much faith in me.” Since it was a Tuesday I dodged that one.

Well of course although Jordan has short term memory loss she didn’t forget this conversation so last Friday night she slept over her friend’s house. She actually went over right after school and I did not see her at all. Jeff picked her up from school while I was taking Devon to art. When we got home she was already gone so I guess I didn’t have time to even think about it. I did want to call her right away; I wanted to drive over there just to make sure she was okay. I know crazy mom that I am I could not get out of my head all the bad things that might happen. I ended up in bed early and actually getting good night sleep.

The next morning Devon and I left before she even called; he had a soccer tournament at 8:30. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and called Jeff about 10:00 to see if he had heard from her. He had and she was fine, she ended up spending the day with her friend and not coming home until about 4:30. She was fine and had a great time, another sign of her strength and determination to not let this seizure disorder bother her.

As for Devon his team did not do that well at the tournament. It was definitely a learning experience for his team and his coaches. It was a beautiful day outside and I can’t wait for the weather to continue to be nice. Our craziness is just starting with all the kids activities, although I would not have it any other way.

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