Monday, November 24, 2008


Have you ever had a falling out with someone and never understood why? Have you ever thought you were friends with someone just to find out they never felt the same way?

I have had this experience recently and the person, whom I thought I was friends with, informed me that we never were really friends. She hated the way I parented my children and thought that I was doing them an injustice because I am open and honest with them.

I always knew that our parenting styles were different and although I did not agree with her I never thought she was wrong. I just thought that as her children got older life would be much harder for her.

Well I have found out recently that her children are having many problems, in school and with health issues. Now I think Karma is something that we all need to be aware of and I am starting to think that it is working. I always thought that her negative attitude toward me would some how affect the way people look at me. She used to say awful things about my children and myself and I never knew any of it. I always kept our fights to myself never sharing them with other friends.

Now I am wondering if the universe has finally seen her for who she truly is. I would never wish any ill will towards her children it is not there fault that they have her for a mother. I am hoping that all these things happening to her that she will learn a huge lesson from them.

Sometime your children just need to be kids and sometimes that means making mistakes.

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