Friday, September 24, 2010

Jordan's Night

Jeff and I would like to thank everyone for tonight. We had a wonderful time and it would not have been a success without all of you. We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family. They all did an awesome job with tonight and there really are no words to truly express how we feel. We are so blessed and grateful to everyone. The most important part of tonight was Jordan and she had a wonderful time.

When we started this journey we had no idea if and when Jordan would be coming home. Tonight she proved everyone wrong by being there and having so much fun. She was painting faces, chasing boys and acting like her normal self. She got to see many of her friends and she loved that. She laughed and played like she hasn’t done in a long time. I was so happy to see her on the dance floor with her friends, dancing and singing.

There are truly hundreds of people that we need to thank for tonight. We tried to go around and personally thank everyone. I am not sure if we succeeded at that, although I would like you all to know that your love and support is truly appreciated.

To our friends and family that put this together. We love you. I know that there is nothing we can do to thank you enough and I know that even if we tried you would tell us to forget about it. This whole experience has taught me so much about how blessed we truly are. You all know who you are and while I would love to list you all I know that I would forget someone, so know that if you are ever in need of anything please know we will be right there for you.

Around 9:30 Jordan was done. Her adrenaline was gone and she needed to go home. I went in to say good bye to my friends and of course the band started playing a wonderful song. I started dancing because HELLO I needed a little fun as well. (But she thought I was in side saying good bye, then she walked in side and saw me dancing with my friends and got really mad at me. This is from Jordan)
So I had to leave right away to get her home. She was upset with me at first although after about a half hour she started talking to me again. I apologized because I knew she was tired and I should have left instead of dancing. Right before she fell asleep she said “I’m sorry too mom because I know your friends make you happy.”

She never seizes to amaze me. She is right my friends do make me happy and I have missed going out and spending time with them. I explained to her that while I love my friends no one is more important than she is. I hope that someday she will have friends that she is as close to as I am to mine and she will understand.

All and all it was an awesome night. Lots of laughs and fun was had and tomorrow morning I will be the loudest at the soccer games because I was home early. Hope you all enjoyed the rest of the night.

We love you all and we will never be able to thank you. At one point tonight I was at a totally loss for words, which is something I am usually not. I was in total awe and amazement at how many people came out to support us. As I have said many times tonight there are no words that will ever truly convey how we feel.


Loves, Hugs and God Bless!

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