Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 What a Year

When you have kids stories become before children and after children, time becomes did it happen before this year or after. This year time was measured in before Jordan got sick and after she got sick. Life feels like it has been split in two and there is no going back to the old way. I know there is something that I am supposed to learn from all of this and I still haven’t figured that out. Despite everything that has happened, 2010 was a great year.
Jared had a wonderful year, finishing up his first year at PVPA. He went out for the Children’s Theater Play and got in; we can’t wait to see it in February of 2011. He made new friends and still has fun with the old ones. He became a teenager and is becoming a more understanding human being.

Devon won a poster contest for the Senior Center and started middle school. He broke a record at swimming and still loves playing goalie for soccer. He has made lots of new friends at school and continues to take art lessons.

Jordan broke a record at swimming. She is getting older and older by the day and I always joke that she will go through puberty before the boys.

We visited Texas for the first time. We had so much fun on that trip, going to the Stockyards in Fort Worth and seeing our first rodeo, taking a road trip to San Antonio and seeing the Alamo, the river walk, and Sea World. Getting caught in a hail storm and me thinking we were all going to die in a tornado. Spending time together as a family and making memories that we will never forget.
In August some of that changed. We still made memories that will last a life time, although different memories than before. We have time spent in the hospital, seeing the Spectacular display at Roger Williams, the boys and Jeff going to their first baseball game at Fenway, there are so many I could never list them all. Jordan getting sick was something we could not have predicted and while at times it has been very hard, it has made us stronger and closer as a family. Not only did it bring the five us closer it also brought many wonderful people into our lives and brought people from all over together.

I think it was said best by Jordan’s soccer coach “ In addition to doing a wonderful thing for a wonderful little girl and her family, the benefit brought together parents from different soccer teams here at the Moose who would otherwise never have met. Turns out, our team is not the only team with cool parents! :)”
This statement shows me that not only have you all touched our lives in ways we will never be able to repay; we have touched you as well. As I reflect on this year I am grateful to all the people who have touched our life, the ones that have come and gone and the ones that are still here. Without you all this year would have been much harder.
Jordan goes for an MRI tomorrow and while I hope it gives us the answers we so desperately want, I don’t know that it will. I do think it is the perfect way to end the year. I pray that 2011 keeps us all safe, healthy and happy. I know that if Jordan gets sick again, which I think she will, I have all of you to turn to.
May God be kind to you all and keep your families safe and healthy. I will keep you all in my prayers and know every day I am thankful for each and every one of you.

Happy New Year!

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