Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow Days and Science Experiments!

We had another snow day today and I really think that while I love snow days, the kids needs to go back to school.  Either that or I am going to have to start giving them school work to do while they are home.  Since we have been in the house for almost 4 days they are getting on each other's nerves.  I have no idea why sitting in the house for 4 days would be bad for you.

Today we did a science experiment and it was so much fun.  First Devon boiled some water and then threw it into the air.  The thought would be that the water would evaporate before it hits the ground, while Jordan through cold water into the air.  Her water would just come straight down and not evaporate at all, also her water would not freeze because it is not cold enough out.

Devon's water did evaporate as it was thrown into the air.  It is such a cool picture!

Jordan's went up and then came right back down.

It was so much fun to watch what would happen and see if we were right in our predictions.

We also made cookies, which was another whole adventure.

All and all another great snow day, wonder if there will be school tomorrow?


Clayton Thomas said...

Newest follower- What a cool experiment! I may have to try that with my guys. Thanks!!!



QueenB said...

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