Saturday, February 5, 2011

School..No School

Jordan has not been in school since the week before Thanksgiving.  She didn't start the school year on time because of everything that happened and then she only went one week.  Since she got sick on Thanksgiving and then the first and second weekends in December I wasn't really forcing her to go to school.

Well, after a month being with just me she is ready to pull her hair out. She wants to be with her friends doing 9 year old activities not running errands with her mom.  Plus there are only so many games of Go Fish and Rummy we can play in a day.

On Monday January 26th Jordan got up thinking that she could go to school.  I was not sure if the school would let her go although I figure I better let her try so she realizes it is the school and not me keeping her home. We get to the school and they tell her "You can't stay because we need this paper work filled out and a plan in place in case something happens."

I brought all the paper work to the doctor’s office hoping they would get it done as soon as possible. Today I got a call from the doctor to go over some things and it was actually great to talk with him. I was going to call him anyway because her behavior has changed and I wanted to know if we could lower a medication. After talking with him I figured they would send the paperwork right away and I called the school. Well, I didn’t hear from the school and it was 2:15 so I decided to call and they still hadn’t gotten the paperwork. I understand that these things take time, but I wanted to be like “come on this kid already hates me because she can’t go to school. She is probably the only kid on the planet that wants to go to school and she can’t.” After talking with the nurse I found out that there is another form that needs to be filled out, and the one the doctor sent was not really good enough for the school. At this point I will be lucky if Jordan starts school on Monday. I want you all to know, I UNDERSTAND WHY it has to be this way and I AM NOT UPSET with the SCHOOL or the DOCTORS. I just have a 9 year old child that yells and screams and me every day because she wants to go to school and cannot stand spending all her time with me.

She never made it to school Monday because she woke up at 4:30 with a fever, so we didn't send her.  Then we added 16" of snow on top of our 25" of snow and they canceled school Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday when she woke up she said "I can go to school? There is no delay and I can go on Friday too?"

"Yes you can go to school, there is no delay and yes you can go on Friday."

That was short lived.  She still wasn't feeling well, stayed home Friday and now she has ear infections.

I've decided she is never going to make it back to school, so she is never going to pass third grade,she will be emotionally devastated and be with me for the rest of my life. I did tell her she is probably the kid on the planet that wants to go to school and the only one that the school won't let in.

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