Wednesday, April 3, 2013

His artistic eye goes beyond drawing

Devon has an artisic eye that he did not get from me.  My brain works in lines and shapes, I can barley draw a stick figure.  My mother on the other hand is an excellent artist.  She tells me all the time, "It's easy.  You just look at something and draw it." Yeah easy for her because she can draw, not for me I can't.  Devon has gotten this talent and over the years I have loved watching him create these beautiul pieces.  While I can't draw I love photography and have always tried to take artistic pictures.

I finally got a decent camera and played around with it.  I came up with the following photos.

Then Devon borrows my camera for a few hours and comes up with these pictures.

I was like what the heck how can you have my camera for a few hours and take these pictures.  I was proud of him and a little frustrated.  When I got to this picture I was like maybe instead of drawing you will go into photography.  He amazes me everyday.  I hope no matter what he does that he never loses his love for teh arts and keep moving forward pursuing his dreams.

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