Saturday, July 18, 2015

I think I am insane

Day 3:

I think I am insane, what was I thinking signing up for a half marathon, I can barely walk 2 miles never mind run 13.1.  That was my first thought the day after I signed up for the marathon.  Then my wonderful team mates sent me an edible arrangements and I remembered I am not alone in this journey.  I have people who will encourage me and won't let me quit.  It doesn't matter how fast I run or even if I walk part of it, all that matters is that I finish.

Yesterday I did not work out when I woke up.  I knew that Jordan and I were going to a concert and I needed the sleep because we would be out late.  I was extremely nervous about taking her to this concert.  Not because it was her first concert or anything, this is her 8th concert, I think.  I was nervous because two days before she ended up in a medically induced coma we were at a Shinedown concert.  This is the first concert she has attended since that one.

As I stood there watching her interact with her friends, looking beautiful and mature, I realized we have come so far.  My fears will never go away, but I am learning to control them and I am so glad that my fear does not hold her back from doing the things she loves to do.

Training for this race is nothing compared to raising a teenage daughter with multiple medical conditions, that just wants to be a normal teenager.

We will both make it through these challenges; having great friends, wonderful team mates and a strong family will make it that much easier.

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