Thursday, July 16, 2015

It's Official

I am running the Disney Princess Half Marathon on February 21, 2016.  I am super excited and nervous to be running this event.  Since Jordan got sick in 2010, I have put myself on the back burner.  I have not worked out as much as I should and I learned I am a stress eater.  Today starts a new way a life.

I am running under Team Tinkerbell, OT with my co-workers and Baystate Children's Hospital PFAC family members.  I am thankful for the support they have given me and I am looking forward to training sessions and long runs that will get me ready for the race.

Day 1:

I figure I can run 13.1 miles for Jordan.  Her journey had taken her down many hard roads and she has over come them.  She is my inspiration and every time I feel like quitting I think of her.  Lying in a hospital bed with millions of tubes and not knowing if she would wake up, getting blood drawn for the 100th time and knowing how much she hates it.  She tackled most things with a smile on her face and that smile is what I see when I run.

Today, she is a 13 year old bundle of life.  She loves school, her friends, bowling, and public speaking.

Thanks for the support!


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