Monday, August 23, 2010

I Luv U

Today Jordan had a great day with Jeff and I. She was playing with him all afternoon, laughing and having fun. It was great to see her acting more like herself than she has in the past 3 weeks.

She is doing so many things these days it is crazy to think that 2 weeks ago she was in a coma and we were not sure if she was going to make it. Since then she has started to talk and has learned how to move her bed up and down.

I was amazed last night when Jeff said she was playing a game on the Ipod. I was like what she is playing a game. Is she really play a game and actually making it work. How is that? Are you sure she is playing? Well yeah since she flipped through the pages to find the game she wanted and she started it. No way I was like totally amazed.

Then she said "Which button do I press?" She wanted to know which one was for the light. The first thing her brothers said was, "Wow she really said that many words" It is so funny how she is moving forward by leaps and bounds and we are trying to keep up.

Since all this has happened she has been very angry with me. We have no idea what the last thing she remembers is and we have no idea how much she remembers from her time in ICU. Part of me thinks she is mad because I was the last person she was with when she was safe and she is wondering how I let this happen to her.

Well today she took Jeff's phone and she get to the text message area. Somehow she found my number and she text me "lluv u u"

I was so shocked and impressed and that I started to cry. I can not believe that she is able to text and that she found me or that she was able to text that. It is like her momma for the first time only a million times better. It is amazing to have her tell you something like this. Even if for the rest of the day she is upset I don't care.

There is something to be said about being a parent and days like today only make it better. I think we all have times when we are proud of our kids and right now I could not be prouder of her.

I know it is a small step on a long road, it is a step non the less.

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