Saturday, August 28, 2010


Jordan is at a point were she is ready for Rehab. We thought that everything was all set and now we are finding out there might be a problem with Insurance.

One thing I will never understand. She has been on the waiting list at the Rehab for almost two weeks and Friday at 4:30 they decide to tell us there is a problem with our Insurance. Really at 4:30, like they could not have told us at any point over the past 2 weeks. She is suppose to be going there Monday, Monday I tell you.

Now I want the best for her and if we have to pay for it out of our pockets then I will. I would never deny her any care she needs to matter the cost. The thing is I thought this is why we pay for health insurance. So when something happens, we are covered.

The problem is the Rehab is out of our coverage area.

Why is that you ask? Because there are no Rehabs in our area. Since there are none in our area you would think the insurance company would have to help pay for it.

I am not totally sure that they aren't going to help. Although now we are going to be in the hospital for even more days then needed. You would think that they would want to get her to Rehab and getting better instead of paying for her to be in a hospital. I know it sounds crazy and at this point I just want to get her where she needs to be to get the help she needs to get better.

I have started the ball rolling this weekend and contacted every person I can think of that might be able to help. Monday morning the insurance company will not know what hit them.

I do not believe in yelling and screaming because I feel it gets us nowhere. I am looking forward to getting this taken care of so that we can get Jordan on the road to recovery.

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