Monday, November 8, 2010

Band Day Take Two

When I first started this blog I talked about Band Day at the University of Massachusetts. It is hard to believe that was two years ago and that I only had one child attending band Day.

This year my life has changed so much because of what happened to my daughter that I feel we should live life to its fullest and seize every opportunity we are given. With that said my oldest son's school was not participating in Band Day this year, so I contacted UMass myself. Being a typical 13 year old he wanted nothing to do with this. "Mom, I've already been to Band Day, I don't need to go again."

Me "It is a great experience and maybe you will learn something new"

After listening to complaining for about 10 minutes I was like "Dude, either you are going or I am taking the XBox away starting November 16th." Why am I waiting so long you ask because that is the day his new game comes out.

In the end he went to Band Day. He met up with his brother school and practices with all the kids. At half time, during the football, the UMass band comes on the field and plays a song, when they are done all the rest of the kids step onto the field.

There is nothing like 3,000 students, all playing together and all having a great time. 3,000 students from all over the state come to participate in Band Day. It is so amazing I cry when I see it. I am so proud of my kids and all the other kids that are there, words cannot accurately explain how I feel watching them. Of course when my daughter wanted to leave after seeing her brothers play, they both wanted to stay. So I stayed and got to see an awesome show put on by the UMass band.

After the game is over the UMass band performs for all the students and families. This year was extra special because their band director recently and suddenly passed away. The students dedicated this Band Day to him and it was an amazing thing to watch. Their band director died in September, while en route to Ann Arbor. The band was playing at the football and other the students were upset by their lose they still played.

They are a wonderful group of adults and I know my children learned so much from them.

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