Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Birthday!

15 weeks ago we did not know if we would be celebrating this day. 15 weeks ago we were fighting for her life and not thinking about this day. 15 weeks ago we could only hope she would be where she is now. So today we say “Happy Birthday Jordan”

9 years ago at 1:22 in the afternoon on November 16th Jordan came into this world. She changed our lives forever. We have watched her grow from a crying, cranky baby to a spunky toddler. As the years went on we saw her change and mature into a wonderful, kind child.

Now we are so thankful to be celebrating her birthday, this milestone, which we will hold in our hearts forever. We are so truly blessed to have this day and all the days we have been given. She may be 9, although at times I think she is turning 13, that day will be here before we know it.

I do not think I will ever be able to express how happy I am today and how grateful I am. I understand how fortunate we are to be celebrating this day. Thank you for your strength, courage and love it has gotten to this wonderful day. Going through this has reminded us of what is really important in live.

Jordan is so excited for this day. She asked for a signed guitar from her favorite band Shinedown. While she is not getting a guitar, we did manage to get her an autograph from the lead singer. I cannot wait to give it to her.

Happy Birthday to Jordan! Thank you for all the prayers and thoughts they have meant do much to us and I know it is because of you that we are able to celebrate her wonderful life today.


Shelley said...

Praising God for your beautiful daughter's life!! Enjoy every minute :)Following from the blog hop. Hope you can follow back.
God Bless,

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