Sunday, May 18, 2008

Concerts and recitals

This is has been on busy week for us. Tuesday night Jared had his first concert. He plays Sax in the elementary school band and he has had a lot of fun with it. Tuesday they had 40 students from the band playing together on stage. I was so impressed that these students, who come from 8 different elementary schools in the city, played so well together. After watching both middle schools and both high schools play they put all 177 kids on stage. I was very impressed since these students had only played together once before. It was a great experience for Jared because he got to see older kids playing instruments and I think he really felt like he fit in.

Last night we had recital for Jordan. It always amazes me how much older she looks. When she pulls all the hair off her face she is so beautiful I just love it. She was in 3 numbers, plus the finally. She is doing really well with it and she loves it.

I think it is funny because I am not the girly type and I don't really have a fashion sense. Then I look at her and think were did she come from.

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