Friday, May 9, 2008


PTOs aren’t they are great thing. I am finding that it is always the same people and if you do not fit in with the click then you are out. They complain a lot about not having enough people to help, but it seems to me if I was an outsider trying to get I might not want to help either. There is a very tight group that controls the PTO and although on the surface they seem to want new people they really don’t.

I am not sure if it is like this everywhere, but it seems to be this way at our school. I also may feel this way because it seems to me that I am being pushed out of the PTO. I had an issue with one of the parents,someting totally not having to do with school, and I think she is trying to push me out. She will deny this totally and think that I am being the crazy one, but I believe this to be true. Everywhere I turn she seems to be talking to people that she never talked to before, why? Because she thinks it will get to me. Well I guess it has because here I am writing about it. Now that I have vented a little, which I am sure will be more to come since I see her every day, I am going to start my day by going to the gym. I have found it is a great stress reliever.

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