Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's a Small World

At the beginning of this school year Jordan met a new girl named Grace. I so her mom and was like I know her from high school, but could not figure out her name. She told me her name was Sue T, but I did not recognize the last name because it was obliviously her married name. After talking to her for about a week she told me her husband name. I was thinking to myself, “I think her husband dated another friend of mine and they almost got married.”

I called Sandee, a mutual friend, and asked her and she was like I don’t think so. Now it may have been because I said her last name incorrectly, but I totally forgot about it.

Well yesterday Sue says to me “I was at Look Park today and your name came up in conversation” Now I am really scared, because that usually means nothing good is being said. She told me she was there with Carrie and her son. I was all like “Carrie with 2 boys, and I named them.” She said it was the same one. I thought wow what a small world that she would know Carrie and that their boys played together. Then I found out how really small it is because guess what.

Sue’s husband is Carrie’s ex-boyfriend. Now I see nothing wrong with this, anyone who knows my story would understand why, but some people may find it weird.

Here are my thoughts. Life is too short to worry about the small stuff. Be happy and if you like spending time with someone, even if the rest of the world thinks it is strange, do it anyway.

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