Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday was a great day. In the morning we had the in laws over for breakfast, nice, but short. Then we took the kids for a hike at the Notch. We had a great time doing with until Jordan started to get tired. She is only 6 so her little legs were getting too tired to walk. Well she finally fell and hurt herself so that was the end of our walk. We did see 2 snakes on our walk and heard lots of birds.

It did amaze me that while we were out in the woods, the kids got along great. As soon as we got back into the car the fighting started right way. I am thinking that we will have to stay in the woods for greater lengths of time because it was nice to have no fighting for a change.

After the hike we went to my moms house. This was also lot of fun.

So all and all a good Mother's Day!

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