Wednesday, June 25, 2008

End of year party

Every year for the past few years we have had an after school party at Alice's house. This year was no different except that certain people decided that they would start a new one. I find it very interesting that Sandy will say "oh we are friends and we should be able to get along"

Then she has a separate party and does not invite any of the old people. I think she just likes controlling everything and can not let anyone have their own thing. Funny because at one time this would really bother me and not it doesn't now. I am not sure why she feels the way she does I just think it is sad.

Enough of the boring stuff.

The party was a blast and I had a great time. The kids had a great time. It is funny to watch them as they get older. They still play games and act like kids, then they talk about who likes who and why this one is mad at this one and so on. I love talking with them and finding all this stuff out. It matters to me that they are comfortable talking with me. Then the sleepover talk started and Alice said no way, boys are not sleeping over.

Last year they has a sleep over. It was Jared, Devon and Gage along with Rachel and Stephanie. They had a great time and they all slept in the living room together. This year they wanted the same thing and we were like yeah NO. (I will blog about children and sleep overs later)

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