Friday, June 27, 2008


Yesterday we went to Boston so Jared could go to Children's for a follow up. He went there in April for his eczema, which he has had his whole life.

When he was a baby his skin was so bad that we used to have to hold him down just to put his cream on him. He would scream and cry like we were killing him. I am surprised that no one ever called DSS on us because if I ever walked by while we were putting his cream on I would think that they were torturing someone. Jeff would have to hold him down and I would lather him up. It was very difficult and the older he got the more he moved.

Finally after 10 years the doctors decided that they have done as much as they can for him and we are now going to Children's Hospital in Boston.

Last time his skin was awful and they gave us about 10 different meds and creams. This time his skin is looking great. There are still some spots on his feet that need work, and we are trying to find a way to fix those.

So all and all he is finally at a point were he is looking good. Yeah, it only took 11 years!

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