Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Jared graduated from 5th grade and Jordan graduated from kindergarten. It was very interesting to see how different these 2 events were.

Jordan's classes sang songs and did little skits. She even had her own solo song. She got to sign center stage all by herself with her classmates sitting behind her singing.

My mom said "she really loves this doesn't she" I said "Oh Yeah she would be on stage all day if she could" After they did all of there songs they got diplomas, which took forever because parents had to take so many pictures. Jordan decided to stay in school after she graduated. It was just her and 2 of her friends.

The 5th graders on the other hand did not sing any songs. The principle talked about all that they have accomplished and how much they will be missed. She also talked about the new road they will be traveling in middle school.

When the awards were given out Jared was very surprised that he got one. He told me that he came in 2nd in the spelling bee and he was very mad because he does not really like the girl that beat him. They went back and forth for 1/2 hour so the teachers felt they both deserved awards. He was so excited about that.

After graduation the kids came home and we had a little party with some of Jared's friends. I love being the hand out house.

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