Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pearl Jam

We took the boys to see Pearl Jam on Monday night we had an awesome time. I think the boys really enjoyed it except for a few things, it was really loud, the people were crazy, and there was to much smoke. Okay so maybe I forgot how insane some concerts can be.

There were so many people there it amazed me. The smoke was a little much and the drugs, I completely for got about the drugs. Couple of funny things happened.

First, you can bring water bottles into a concert, but you can not keep the caps. This drives me up the wall. I can have lighters and all sorts of other things, I just can not have the cap to my water bottle, it makes total sense.

Second, I hate peoples lack of regard for certain things. I also can not believe how lazy some people can be. We are standing watching the concert enjoying the music when the following happened.

Stephen, who was standing next to me, turns and yells, "Dude, What the FUCK is your problem!"

I turn to see why and the guy behind us was peeing right there. I could not believe it. Like the bathrooms are so far away you can't walk to them or pee in a cup. No just peed right there on the ground. Jeff and I had just seen the happening and I now understand why nature would revolt against us. We are the most inconsiderate and disgusting creatures on this planet.

After all the my night was made because they played "Footsteps" This is the only song that I really wanted to hear because I have never seen them play it in concert. It means a great deal to me for many reasons and I am so glad that they played it.

All and all the night was a blast and I am so glad we went.

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