Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Little Girls

So I took Jordan to a jewelry party tonight since her grandmother was the one having it. I knew she would have loads of fun and that she would love trying on all the jewelry and looking at the purses. She got a new necklace and anklet, which she absolutely loves.

On the way home she was talking about my new purse and why she could not use it.

Me: "it is as big as your head. Grandma is going to get you a nice pink one."

Jordan; " Well can't we share this one. Since I am starting to act all lady like now and need a new purse."

Me: "Did you just say lady like."

Jordan: "Yes, since I spend all my time with boys, I do have 2 older brothers you know. I need to start acting like a girl and your new purse will help be do that."

Me: "Not now it won't"

I can not believe that at 7 she is already starting to take over my things. I also think it is funny that she need to start acting like girl, since when she got home she changed out of her dress and put on one of the boys tang tops and PJ bottoms to wear to bed.

I keep telling her all these boys will come in handy one day! She will learn and then we really are in trouble!

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