Thursday, July 24, 2008


I love to sign. I do it all the time. The kids have Rock Band for the Wii and I am always the vocal when we play. I sign in the car and when I put the kids to bed I sign them a song almost every night.

I would have loved to been a signing and in a former life I think I was. I do not know if I have a great voice. I think I am one of those people who would love to have a great voice, and I really don't

At the concert on Sunday Jared and I were signing to each other. Now at a Rock Concert you have to pretty much scream in order to sign because the music is so loud. Well Jeff recorded us at the concert and when I heard I thought my ears were going to Bleed. I said please don't ever do that again.

I sounded like a dying dog. Jared was very nice about it and said "You only sound that way because this is the 2nd concert in 2 nights and you were screaming not signing" Nice of him to try and save my ego.

So I will continue to sign and hope and dream and know that I will never be on stage some day.

I will have to leave that for Jared. He really wants to be in a band and the more concerts we go to the more he wants it. Since he will be taking vocal for the next 2 weeks he will have a much better shot then I do.

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