Monday, July 28, 2008

My Ears are Bleeding

Saturday night we took Jordan to see the Jonas Brothers. We thought that Avril Lavigne was the head liner, boy were we wrong.

We got to the show about 6:30 and it was already packed with screaming girls. At 7:00 Demi Lovato came on. She played for about 40 mins and then we had to wait for the next act. As the lights went out I put Jordan on my shoulder so she could see. I am thinking this is it, but the screaming is not that loud and the girls in front of us are yelling Avril, Avril. I look at Jeff and think we are so screwed. The Jonas Brothers are the last band.

This is the 3rd concert Jordan has gone to this year and she usually does not make it through much of the final act. She is usually asleep by then. Well now she is very mad at us and wants to leave while Avril is on. I take her and buy Cotton Candy, which is so overly priced I think I am going to drop dead right there. I need to sugar her up though so she can see a little of the Jonas Brothers.

So Avril finishes and we wait again. We wait 40 minutes for the Jonas Brothers and it is my living hell. Every time someone sends a message it is " Scream if you like Joe, Nick and Kevin. I do." Then 10,000 girls start screaming and this is just the beginning.

Once the lights go out and the music starts you can not hear anything. I am thinking I have been to many Rock Concerts and nothing compares to this. I could not even her them signing the girls were so loud. Well Jordan had enough after the first song. She wanted to leave so we told her she had to stay for 5 songs. She stood there counting each song just waiting for the pain to end.

After the 5th song we started walking to leave and we went into the building to go to the bathroom. After that we walked out and there were screens that we could watch the show on. We watched to more songs, only because they were from Camp Rock.

We left and I was totally amazed at how many people were leaving. I was also amazed at how I could still here all the screaming from were we parked.

Jordan will have to wait until she is a little order to go to one of these concerts. I am not deaf enough yet and my ears still feel like they are bleeding when I think about it.

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