Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jeff Dunahm - D-Cup Diabtribes

This past weekend I had some much needed mommy time. With everything that has been going on and having to keep the peace between everyone in the house I really needed to get out, laugh and spend time with friends.

First I went to Jeff Dunham with some wonderful friends. I have not laughed that hard in a long time. The show was great and he talked about a restaurant in my home town, a restaurant that my friends and I love going to for drinks, laughs, dancing, and food. I must say I have not heard my home town mentioned more than that night. So because he talked so much about this restaurant we just had to go there.

Once there we saw a bunch of young football players with "Gamecock" on their shirts. They were so funny and all I could think was please don't ever let my daughter date a guy who wears "Gamecock" on his shirt.

The very next night I went out again, I know to nights in a row, crazy. This time I went to see the play D-cup Diatribes. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month I thought this was a great play to see. It is a one person show about women and the different phases of life with respect to her relationship with her breasts. I laughed, I cried, and had an amazing time. The show was awesome and I think my favorite part was the 11 year old girl; the actress did a superb job. She was funny, witty and brought to light many issues and feeling women go through, with respect to their breast.

For more information about the show check out her website at:


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