Friday, October 15, 2010

Mic-Key Button

Jordan had her Mic-Key button removed the other day. She was so excited to finally have it taken out. I remember when we first decided she needed it I was a little nervous. I knew she needed it because she was not talking or eating and we needed to get the feeding tube out of her nose. I also knew that as parents we have always let our children have input in things that are happening in their lives. At the time Jordan would not have been able to give us any input and we made the decision ourselves. In the end it was the right one.

The funny thing is that when we got there the nurse said “So we are looking at putting in a different size button.”

Jordan looked at me with sheer terror in her eyes and I said “No, No, No are supposed to be taking the button out today.”

The nurse then informed me that she didn’t have to the doctor’s notes and we would have to wait and see. So when the doctor came in and we started talking I got a little nervous. He asked when she had the G-tube put in, what kind it was and so on.

I explained that it was put in on August 20, 2010 and that when I made the appointment I asked because we were not at two months. I was told that this doctor did not take out G-tubes until they had been in for two months; we were there 2 days early. I explained that the G-tube she had put in was not a Mic-Key button; it was a long tube that came out of her stomach. As I said, at the time I was nervous about this, and now I am thankful.

The only reason Jordan could have her Mic-Key button taken out this day was because of the type of button that was originally put in. If the pediatric surgeon had done the surgery she would have had to wait the extra two days.

Through this whole experience I have learned that someone is watching out for us and that we are blessed. Thank God for all the little missteps along the way because they seem to have helped us.

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